Sidescan Sonar / Sonar Scanadh Saobh

Following a series of extensive trials carried out on the River Moy in Ireland in 2018, the River Moy Search & Rescue (RMSAR) team purchased Marine Sonic Technology’s new ARC Explorer Mk-II side scan sonar system from Planet Ocean.

“The adaptive CHIRP Technology of the ARC Explorer Mk-II provides the highest imaging quality possible from a side scan sonar with its 900 kHz and 1800 kHz transducers, and supports ranges up to 60 percent greater than non-adaptive CHIRP systems. The dedicated RMSAR team of volunteers are the first in the world to operate the new Mk-II system which offers a number of improvements over its popular predecessor including a stainless-steel tow fish body, new tail section and enhanced software and is designed for search, survey, and recovery applications.

The trials and training were carried out with teams from Marine Sonic Technology and Planet Ocean Limited using an advanced prototype system at the Ballina facility, and included spotting and identifying divers lying on the bottom in difficult to isolate locations. The high-resolution imaging and simultaneous dual frequency operation in conjunction with a fully adjustable tow point and transducer angle make it an ideal tool for survey and infrastructure inspection applications that require a high level of flexibility. The rugged construction and a 300-meter depth rating in a one-man portable system more than fulfil the needs of the search and recovery communities.

The RMSAR team were able to operate the system themselves after only a small amount of training and its small size means it can operate from their rigid boat without davits”. ………………………….. report by Planet Ocean.

This purchase was funded by donations by Bord Iascaigh Mhara and the Fisheries Local Action Groups, Allergan and Cognitive Solutions Clinic Ltd.

We have travelled to Derry, Galway and Waterford to demonstrate the use of this sonar to other members of the search, rescue and recovery community. We have used it on searches for missing persons in Ballina and Sligo. We have used it to locate large items of underwater marine litter and hazards as well as using it in selection of a location for the underwater museum in Killala Bay.

We highly recommend Black Laser Learning as a provider of training materials.

Tar éis sraith trialacha fairsinge a rinneadh ar an Muaidhe in Éirinn in 2018, cheannaigh foireann Cuardach agus Tarrthála Abhainn na Muaidhe (RMSAR) córas sonar scanadh taoibh ARC Explorer Mk-II nua Marine Sonic Technology ó Planet Ocean. Maoiníodh é seo le síntiúis ó Bhord Iascaigh Mhara, Allergan agus Cognitive Solutions Clinic Ltd. Táimid tar éis taisteal go Doire, Gaillimh agus Port Láirge chun úsáid an tsonóra seo a léiriú do bhaill eile den phobal cuardaigh, tarrthála agus aisghabhála. D’úsáideamar é ar chuardaigh do dhaoine ar iarraidh i mBéal an Átha agus i Sligeach. D’úsáideamar é chun míreanna móra bruscair mara faoi uisce agus guaiseacha a aimsiú chomh maith lena úsáid chun suíomh a roghnú don mhúsaem faoi uisce i gCuan Chill Ala. Molaimid go mór Black Laser Learning mar sholáthraí ábhar oiliúna.

Photograph showing a survey of two divers in the Moy on a training exercise.

The green and red pattern records what area of the river was surveyed

On the Moy.