Old Quay School

From a storage container in the quay yard in Ballina in 2013, we moved to The Old Quay School and undertook the monumental job of refurbishing the schoolhouse from it’s derelict state.

The ‘Old’ Quay School, formerly known as Quignamanger National School, was built in 1885. It was built on land donated to the parish by the Cowley family. It closed its doors as a school in May 1983, and apart from 2 years of occupation in 2003 to 2005, it remained unused. By 2013, it had become unsightly. We then approached St. Muredach’s Trust with the aim of securing a long term lease and restoration of this centennial building for use as a base. Every effort as been made to retain the heritage of this old building.

It is listed on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage


Above and below: The Old Quay School in January 2013.
Start of the big clean up. February 2013.
Restoration of the roof and windows. June 2015.
Above and below: Resurfacing the yard with materials sponsored by Coldchon Limited (Thanks Sean Og). March 2016
Spring 2018.
March 2018.
Above and below: The back of the building. January 2013.
The old red ridge tile originally on the roof. It has been replaced by identical ridge tiles.
Restoration of the roof using old slate tile. June 2015.
‘Room 1’ as we found it in January 2013.
‘Room 1’ in June 2013

‘Room 1’ in 2017 with dampness emanating from the walls leading to new timber being installed.
New timber surround.
The hallway as we found it in 2013.
The hallway with a kitchenette installed. Summer 2017.
Above and below, ‘Room 2’ as we found it. January 2013.
”Room 2′ with lockers being built. (Thanks Kevin).
‘Room 2’ with the floor restored. and wooden shelving installed. June 2017
‘Room 3’ as we found it, damp and cold inside, 2014. Below, February 2017.
The Old Quay School early last century
In 2021 The Heritage Council financially supported restoration work of the traditional wooden windows. Work was performed by Carrabine Joinery and supervised by Conservation Architect Mark Stephens.
Autumn 2021